• marmite posted an update 4 months ago

    Two years done and dusted! Thank you all for helping me so much to get here @prudence @janus2 @normaleelucid @agent99 @liberty @april @mrs-d @mac007 @enzedgirl. You were some of the ladies who got me through those first hideous months and i am so thankful to you all

    • Congratulations on two big years! It is great to see people succeed and be happy in their life!

    • what a superstar you are!! You know, I still wear your bracelet all the time (and I’m not just saying that ! 🤗) and look at the message and really feel it throughout the day. Honestly one of the lovliest things I’ve ever been given and a lovely reminder of why I do what I do. Thank you a million and CONGRATULATIONS on today! Hope you have a lovely day planned xxx

      • @mrs-d Oh Lotta, I’m so pleased. I hoped it would be a source of strength. I will never be able to thank you enough for lighting up the path for me. I don’t think i would have seen it or known that i belonged on it for another decade without your book. It is my favourite book in the world for that reason, it gave me my life back. I realise now that stopping drinking was just the beginning of my journey. I did 2 things today to shake things up a bit. I went to my first AA meeting, cos why not? And i outed myself on Facebook cos it’s time to shed the shame and stop hiding this wonderful thing I’ve done! Love and hugs to you, Caroline xx

    • Thanks for posting. Letting me/us newbies know it’s possible.

    • congrats @marmite, used to be a beautiful dog nose right? going to miss that one. 🙂 2 years is supposed to be a good milestone, you have done everything twice now WITHOUT alcohol. congrats. again.

    • HUGSSSSSSS xoxoxox

    • Oh H U G E congratulations to you @marmite……a lovely little winner if ever there was one!!! See you on the 29th. House coming along beautifully by the way, had a wee peek, love the stone work, cant wait to see more xx

    • @marmite congratulations on your fantastic accomplishment!

    • Very nice, Marmite. Big congrats!

    • Congrats on 2 full, wonderful AF years @marmite!

    • Congrats Marmite ! Love the alias . xx

    • OMG @marmite that means that I missed my 2 years yesterday! Our son and d-i-l are over for a quick trip from Europe so I have been busy having a good time with them. I think having them here is a wonderful 2 year present. Looking forward so much to meeting up with so many LS people at at the end of the month!

      • congrats to you too @gojo 🙂 how awesome is that, having too good of a time to remember about sober anniversaries ❤️

    • Congrats @marmite. I look forward to catching up soon xx

    • You clever cookie!! Happy Anniversary xxx

    • Lol shit i thought it was a mnth ago. I dont do days on here. Dam it another week or 2. Bigus dikus am i 😉

    • Congrats to you amazing lady !! Love your profile pic too xxx see ya very soon !

    • Wow 2 years!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Clever cookie is right, WOOHOO!

    • Oh that is fantastic. I’m so happy with you and its been very special sharing the journey with you. I’m bummed I can’t get to the next ChCh gathering but I do get to Christchurch a bit for work this year so maybe I’ll come and visit your pub sometime!.

    • Good on ya @Marmite Wowie 2 whole years. So cool! Flippin marvellous xoxox

    • Congrats! Freaking amazing xx

    • Just saw this @Marmite. How cool! So proud of you xox

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