• marmite posted an update 7 months, 1 week ago

    Hey all, haven’t been here much but all is well. Day 605. Yep, I’m around Friday @janus2 and @prudence except I’m going to see the lady gaga movie with a mate at the tannery at 12.40. i could push it off but we’ve already postponed a couple of times and so want to see this movie. otherwise free and no plans on sat. Would love to see you both xx

    • Take a hanky @marmite 😉

      • Yeah, I’ve heard it’s a real tear jerker @ro. Bit nervous about seeing it with a normie, she’s a good mate but i haven’t shared a lot of my journey, want necessary as it didn’t bother her at all when i quit unlike many of my other mates who i collected cos they drank like maniacs like i used to

    • Lol ? I aint in your part of the woods @marmite 🙂 me neither on here really. I am too frantic at work, ha with principal micro managing my letters home for camp and its driving me farkn nuts. She totally changed letter i had done, then put my farkn name to it wtf. Then on gear list, she put EVENING WEAR jeans etc, what the fuck, little black dress for girls, suit,tie for boys. Fark so pleased not there nxxt year o would defo pick up. Farkn fucked so gnite

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