• marmite posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Took the girls to a kids choir tonight. Miss 8 was singing. Had a really confronting moment just before the concert. We’d dropped the kids who were singing off to their teacher and were waiting for the main doors to open for us to take our seats. It was general admission so first in gets the best seats. Another mum, a mate of mine, as soon as she dropped her girl off said “right I’m off for a drink, i need to preload” they left the venue in search. I meanwhile waited with miss 10 for the doors to open and we got great seats.
    2 years ago i was that mum. I would have preloaded and then probably smuggled more into the concert. Tonight it didn’t occur to me and i was horrified when i saw this mirror to my past. I am so very thankful that is no longer my life x

    • Should add, i genuinely would have thought it would be no fun at all without alcohol, how wrong i was, i loved every minute

    • Great to be the one at the door getting the great seats, @marmite!!! Sober is so much better!! Congrats on your daughter’s concert – what a fun night! xox

    • @Marmite, a gentle reminder of what not to do. Way to carry on!

    • Interesting what you new normal is. congratulations. waking feeling good, no mints to hide your breath, etc. sounds like a fun time.

    • I love how you no longer need that drink, because I have been there, too….just like the mom you saw during the choir night today. Give yourself credit for the changes YOU made happen in your life. oxoxoxoxox So good to have you here, marmite!! Your post motivated me to keep going on this sober path. It is so very worth it….and the examples of how the alternative (drinking) looks like are all around us…each and every day.

    • Glad those days are over!!

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