• Mari135 posted an update 1 week ago

    Day 786

    “Did you compare yourself with others and give up?”

    ….Ouch….Taken from the book “The Nice Girl Syndrome” I am reading right now….
    And yes…I have. In so many areas in life…..

    No more of that shit.
    I can only do me and be me. It really doesn’t help to go into everything expecting the impossible of myself, and comparing myself to people who are years ahead down the road (of their career, marriage, sobriety, fitness, etc.)

    And to quote morgan yet again….because this is gold and I have it on a post-it by my desk:

    “I will do my absolute best today.”

    • I believe living up to and comparing myself to others is part of what stressed me out and led me to drink more than I ever should have. Now that I am not drinking, I am excited to find out who I really am, with my expectations, not others. Nice number!

    • Hahaha, not me, Marc and Angel, but so glad your liked it. I need to do the same, not get all poor-me-lick-my-wounds ish. I have to see kids with REAL problems and work out how on earth to engage them. If only I was young and cool … 🙁

    • k1W1 replied 1 week ago

      Sounds like an interesting book. That Quote is very true. Have a happy day x

    • JJR replied 1 week ago

      Awesome in many ways

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