• Mandles posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Another early night last night so Day 16 done and dusted, why am I waking up so tired? I sleep all night quite deeply I think, but still am sitting here yawning after a good 8 hours sleep…anyway off to do the day, hang in there all you lovely fellow sober people and I will enjoy logging on tonight to see how everyone’s day/evening went

    • Good on u @Mandles. I felt tired for about six weeks when I’ve got AF in past. Think it’s our body recovering from the shit poison we put in it. This will pass and you will feel great 😁

    • I have been incredibly tired as well Mandles, since I had my last drink 28 days ago. I thought I’d feel better and be waking up refreshed. It’s a bit disheartening, but good to hear that this may be part of the process.

    • Whenever you put your body through a dramatic change, for the better or worse – fatigue is pretty common. Not sure if you have heard of it but I have done several rounds of the Whole30 in the past (thirty days of eating only whole foods) – and even though it’s a very healthy meal plan, it would cause overwhelming tiredness at first as my body adjusted to the work of digesting healthy foods. My guess is that this is similar and your body is adjusting to a diet that does not contain alcohol, and is working hard to create a new normal. It may feel disheartening, but I imagine it is going to get so much better soon. 🙂 I should add that I am waking up tired right now too – but still feels better than waking up hungover!!

    • Your doing great @Mandles! The physical and mental healing just takes time. Your very physically active, from what I’ve read, and your body is also going through dramatic changes without the alcohol. It takes a while for the organs to heal properly and function normally and healing takes energy. I’m 4 months in and am still having to recognize things for what they are within this process. We are not machines. We can’t purchase a part and be fixed. Rest when your tired and pamper yourself.

    • Yes. That happened to me too for the first couple of weeks. I also had a mysterious bout of excruciating muscle pains in the lower part of both of my legs. From my knees to my feet just ached constantly! So very strange I actually consulted a cardiologist thinking that perhaps a developed blood clots. Thankfully got the all clear. So took lots of hot baths and got lots of rest and after about a week or so they disappeared just as they came. I think alcohol just screws with everything in your body – evidently from the head to the feet! :-).

      Be extra kind to yourself. You’re going through a lot – more that I think we really realize – but it’s worth it once you come out the other side. Have a wonderful day.

    • Well done on Day 16 @mandles! I appreciate you all sharing your experience of feeling tired. At Day 21 I’m still experiencing feeling super tired, too. Here’s one more reason to add to the pile of why we don’t want to revisit these early sobriety days ever again! 😉 Have a wonderful day everyone. @ginny @megs @leslielily @lee-2 @aprilsfool

    • @ginny @megs @leslielily @lee-2 @aprilsfool @mandles I just realized that I should share with you all…I started taking multivitamins a few days ago, and focusing on vitamin Bs. I have had a lot more energy during the day. I still get tired at night and want to go to bed early, but it has helped. All that alcohol intake was preventing our bodies from absorbing certain vitamins, so that might be a part of the fatigue. Thought I’d share in case it helps you, too! I’m going to ask a doctor about recommended doses for me soon.

      • Thats very good information @jmtn! In my case with the leg pains, it occurred to me that I was drinking extraordinary amounts of water – and therefore peeing all the time. One of the first signs of low potassium is leg cramps … duh! I immediately began upping my potassium via my diet. I’m sure that did the trick. Just as I’m sure the B will help your fatigue. Damn! Alcohol sure wrecks havoc! So glad you found that out. It will make being sober even happier.

      • @jmtn Ah! I didn’t even think of that! Good recommendation, thank you! (I also am always wanting to go to bed early at night but I don’t see that as a bad thing, tbh – keeps me out of trouble!)

        • @aprilsfool Good point on the potassium! Alcohol totally messes us up in so many ways…I’ve been learning so much through the books I’ve been reading. I’m trying to have a healthy diet, too, but it just wasn’t cutting it.
          @leslielily Nothing wrong with early bedtime! Keeps me out of trouble, too. Weirdly enough, I have enough energy to crank on some needed chores tonight. First time I’ve been able to stay up and be productive in quite a while!

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