• Mandles posted an update 3 weeks, 2 days ago

    Day 5 done, went to a lovely Italian with the girlies and I was the chauffeur, we had a lovely meal and they all had 2 bottles of rose, I didn’t feel tempted, lime and soda and two Heineken zero, I enjoyed the chatter and the fact I could drive everyone home, it’s 10.30 and still lightish so sitting outside with a hot chocolate to unwind before I go to bed. Night all and good luck for tomorrow xx

    • Heineken Zero is da bomb! Congrats on a successful day 5 and I wish we had decent Italian in Seattle.

    • Congrats on enjoying a nice night out. 🙂 That’s great you didn’t feel tempted. I still haven’t tried Heineken 0.

    • I discovered Heineken Zero yesterday and really enjoyed it. Well done on a successful night out.

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