• MalibuStacey posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    G’day @Lee@. Thinkin’ of ya during this tender time in farewells to your beloved cousin. No doubt this week has been fairly full-on? We’ll hear from you soon. x

    • Ditto. Hi Lee. Day 90 today if I’ve counted correctly. I hope things are ok with you.

      • How incredibly heartwarming it is to wake to this today. Thank you @MalibuStacey, @DaveH, & @timidwarrior for your kind words and for thinking of me. The little girl in the photograph that I chose for this website last year is a random picture that I’d found of her dancing amongst a crowd of at the big Woodstock concert in the 60’s. I immediately fell in love with this photo as she looks so happy and free. That’s how I feel and am now, for the most part and thoughts are, so is my cousin after some years of battling cancer. I’m feeling happy and sad at the same time. Not looking forward to driving in rough weather today to attend the funeral but it’s a pin prick in comparison to other life experiences that I’ve had, mainly what it’s taken to get sober. The last time I saw this cousin was at a funeral for another one, that had died from cancer and addiction. I was sober at the time, had been for months and she was so very proud of me. She’d lost both parents to alcohol related deaths and alcoholism is widespread in our families but she was spared of it. I was elated to wake up sober today and even more so to recognize the fact that this never has to end. 30 days if fine, been here before many times but what really excites me is not the number, it’s the heartfelt fact that alcohol no longer rules my existence and I am carrying out this enlightened life as a result. I feel balanced, secure, confident, whole and also very fortunate to have found you all here and to have my sound group of sober friends that I’ve made through the years in AA. Ironically, the person who first introduced me to AA 17 years ago was a lovely lady from NZ who had been living in the US for years and got sober here. We’ve been great friends ever since and now I’m thinking the whole lot of you are equally as wonderful! Can this be? 🙂 I will find out soon enough as I am planning a trip there next year sometime and hope to have the pleasure of meeting some of you in person. This sober life, alone, is a luxury and I thank all of the stars, moons and suns that shine on it and the universe for allowing it to happen! Best choice ever, by far… xoxox

        • 90 days. Gah. Where’s what? Was half asleep when I posted that. Also the “pin prick” I’d mentioned is just the drive there. The rest is going to be hard.

        • What a beautiful post, it makes my heart feel so happy for you lovely! Would be awesome to meet you when you come to New Zealand ❤️ Take care x

        • Thinking of you @lee….

    • I hope you are doing ok, look after yourself lovely ❤️

    • Good thought, Stacey. Let me add my name to the those wishing you well, @lee.

      • Thanks @Tom! I just realized that I posted I had 30 days instead of 90 haha. Did say that the day count is not so important but in a sense it is, as it proves to ourselves and others that this can be done.

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