• MalibuStacey posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Day 101 and alive, well yeah. Hmm. Just plucking through a few thoughts this morning concerning the death of my friend who just passed. She drank herself to death and sure enough, her organs finally shut down, followed by a stroke and poof. Y’know, she’d reached the point where her brain was so soaked, she not only had mental illness to deal with, but a massive dose of the alcoholism disease. The two went hand in hand. She simply left it too long. Now, there’s a bright little story for ya. Bleh.

    • as you know, alcohol is a progressive disease. sorry about your friend. sounds like a horrible death. congrats on your day 101. keep on you, @malibustacey.

      • Thanks Kitten. Been rudely ranting a bit for the past couple days. S’pose it’s a natural grieving reax for someone who dies like this. Besides, the sun’s shining out’a my ass at the moment at 101 days AF. Yeah. Hey, you & yer poodles stay as safe as ya can–approach that bitch of a hurricane Florence with all the military style defense you can muster. Rock n roll. xo

    • I am really sorry to heat about your friend’s passing 🙁 You have my compassion. It must have been hard to watch her walk down that road. A friend of mine lost his mom to alcoholism…she bled to death internally after abusing it for a very long time. It’s a shock for everyone around the person, and of course the ultimate and most tragic loss for that person herself…


      101 days for you!! I hope that in spite of the loss and grief, you find time and space to maybe celebrate this amazing sober-number a bit…I think 101 days is a massive accomplishment!! I am so glad you are here and you get to be sober. You deserve to feel safe and be healthy. It’s you who gives this gift to yourself. oxoxox

    • So sorry to read @malibustacey My brother died the same way and its really sad. I know if he could have had more help for his mental health he would possibly be still alive. My biological father drank himself to death too after having been sober for years prior. Really sad. X

    • That is sad @MalibuStacey I am sorry she had to die that way and take care of yourself while grieving

    • I’m so glad you have chosen a different path @malibustacey x

    • Well, it’s the reality we all face. Thank God we made a change, huh? Congratulations on 101. So sorry a out your friend.xxoo.

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