• Mac007 posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    Hi everyone, Wow look at all the members?
    I haven’t been popping on the site for a wee while now and you can smack my hand if you think I have buggered off but the true is that after a period of time all those hours of drinking and thinking about drinking and thinking about how to stop drinking and wanting to drink and talking about how and stop drinking and then wondering why I have stopped and then talking more and reminding me of the horror why I stopped and and and FINALLY YOU STOP thinking about drinking!!!!
    YES it does happen….my time is filled up with more meaningful stuff…I gave my self the chance to find out who this me really is and what this me needed to nurture herself well.
    I got to know the sober me!
    It is so important to do what you need to do like talk and share and lurk here because in the beginning it is very hard and when you see you aren’t alone it is a real comfort.
    It is always scary to walk into the unknown and I was unknown to myself. Scared the shit out of me really to think I will never have that bullshit friend booze in my life anymore! But like all bad relationships, you just have to ditch them because life is meant to be happy and I wasn’t happy with my drink relationship. Looked ok on the outside for a while but it was eating me away from the inside out. I came on this site just after it started with 600 members and I knew I had finally found my tribe. That was 4.8 years ago and I haven’t had a drink since…..To all of you struggling along, I understand how hard it is…..please believe me you can do this…Do this for you and finally be the happy you that you should be.
    You know the saying when a door closes another one opens….so I want to add to that….when you close the door on booze many more doors open but it is hell in the hallway! So make sure you place a few tools in the hallway until your doors open for you!
    Kick the arse on booze for good! xo

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