• lynnelowe posted an update 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    Good evening. Had a good day, despite waking up a bit sad this morning. Such a stunning day, with the sun.
    Went to visit my mum on way home, she is currently in hospital/respite at the Retirement village she lives at, church based. The wards are all named after wine. Mum is in the ‘pinot’ ward… lol

    • That’s a bit weird using wine names @lynnelowe ! Hopefully the residents aren’t plied with the stuff! Hope Mum is doing better?

    • Ha! What is up with people’s obsession with that stuff? x

    • A speedy recovery for your mom! oxoox So weird to name the wards after wines. Maybe they thought they sound French and posh or so, lol. oxoox Makes no sense.

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