• Lynn-e posted an update 1 month ago

    Day 21 – 3 weeks. Wahoo!!! saved $240 roughly. Wholly Shit!!!. my partner is so proud of me. I was accepted into my Floristry course today which I applied for sober and it’s something I love doing.
    I however felt all anxious and ants in pants from 5pm to now. Have a good evening everyone. xx

    • Gojo replied 1 month ago

      We are proud of you too @Lynn-e ! Three weeks is a special achievement – go girl!

    • JM replied 1 month ago

      Congrats!! And good news on the course. Ick, I know that anxiety, I hope it passes soon. : )

    • Huge congrats on your days and for your new exciting venture! How cool is that? ! A new career and a new you x ignore those wineywitchybitches they’ll soon bugger off! Enjoy thinking about your new bright future instead 😎

      • Lee@ replied 1 month ago

        Congrats on 3 weeks @lynn-e. also on the job and saved money! I drank roughly that amount as well but in one weeks time. Not sure how I managed, just glad it’s over!

    • Floristry!? Sounds amazing!! I want to do something like that!! Well done on three weeks <3

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