• Lucy posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Hi all good to read everyone is doing and feeling well and to those who are struggling this will definitely pass hang in there. It’s been a good couple of days, no cravings and feeling happy and grateful. Still attacking the chocolate and cakes but My mum and dad did own a sweet shop and a cake shop so my excuse it it’s natural to me lol. In fact I was weaned on vanilla ice cream and fresh cream doughnuts so I’ve got no chance really!! Was up and in the pool at 7.30 this morning, no hang over, clear head not a banging headache and most of all no guilt! Life is great day 60.. xx loads of love and support everyone.

    • I’m on day 0 sugar except in my coffee and coca-cola. No cakes, no chocolates and no lollies. With me? I’ve put on 3 kgs instead of dropping it!

    • You have a great sober life, so hey – you deserve some reward! One great difference between sugar and alcohol is, with alcohol it’s all or nothing. With sugar you can deal – sometimes none, sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot. Do what you want and what makes you happy, don’t set yourself under pressure. There will be days, where you can easily resist sugar, so you will do, and there are surely days where you need this sweet sin. It’s okay 🙂

    • Well done this amazing I hit day 50 today and the clear head is worth every moment of doubt. Keep going Lucy we’ve got this

    • I have to say that I’m also enjoying the sweet treats. I almost always said no while I was drinking. Who wants to waste time eating dessert when I could have more wine. My taste buds have awakened just like I read they would. Now cake and ice cream is super interesting to me.

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