• Lucy posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Today is a good day, grateful to be sober and very grateful your all here. Day 59 and going strong, Woke up hang over free, drove to work fine, no shame or remorse because I didn’t pick up that 1st drink! One is never enough and 20 ain’t to many, I just can’t stop once I start and moderation is not for me at all.. It’s taken me years for that to sink in.. Looking forward to an early morning swim tomorrow, lots of fresh air and walking now after a huge roast dinner it’s time for shower, PJS and relax.. oh and chocolate … Happy Days.. x

    • Enormously well done Lucy. It really does amount to knowing that moderation isn’t possible for us.

      Enjoy what sounds like a really delightful day. Your story is helping to inspire me.

      Love and best wishes, Peter

    • You’re right @Lucy, moderation doesn’t work for us – if it did we wouldn’t be here. When one starts thinking about drinking or not drinking,drinking more ore drinking less, moderation turns into struggle and stress. People who manage to drink moderately are people who drink without any problem. They can do it or leave it like we can eat a carrot or not – without wasting any energy in this decision. But I think everyone of us knows how it goes when WE try moderation. There’s a roller coaster in our head that says: May I or not drink today? Should I or not drink another glass? I could instead drink less tomorrow. Or I drink a beer instead of wine. Or…” Oh I’m so glad having left this behind me! Enjoy your AF days and nights! 🙂

    • Yep timely post for me…. 1 is not enough, even if it is all I can really tolerate.. lol… moderate and me is not the way.

    • That all sounds so familiar to me. There are so many things about me that I am unhappy with that I have always felt that I don’t know where to begin (enter a drink). Now I do know where to begin – Stop drinking! and that is only the beginning.

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