• Lucy posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hi and a big thank you for all the support I got last night, I had to vent the wine witch was calling big time but she didn’t win!! Day 50 and going strong, love not being at work I’m having a great time at home with the kids and husband (he had shoulder op on Tuesday ). Went for another early morning swim this morning and been out with the dog twice. Should be shattered but have so much more energy now I’m not fuelled with alcohol. I’m looking better, bright eyes, glowing skin and I’m toning up lovely. Still struggle this time of day 6pm as I would have been half cut by now but my mind set is changing and looking forward to watching tv later and a good film.. stay strong all xx

    • Love all the benefits you are experiencing @lucy! I’m finding there are so many benefits as well. It’s always nice to look forward to things we can do sober. Have a lovely evening xo

    • Missing my daily swims while hubby is out of town with the car. Sounds like you have a cozy evening planned, enjoy every sober minute of it.

    • I’m happy for you, sounds like you are on a wonderful way!

    • You stay strong too, Lucy, because that booze is crap. Pure poison to the likes of us. So I looked at your post yesterday, where you talked about just sitting with all your feelings and working through them, the ones we used to numb. And call me crazy, but isn’t it kind of exciting that we get to do that now. It’s like ugh, we have all these feelings, but great!, we have all these feelings! I love it. More alive. Hope you’re evenings going well. I have to get out of the office now & get home, we’re off to a movie tonight.

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