• Lucy posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Hi all, a good day again today, only had a couple of thoughts creeping in about alcohol.. but kicked them straight out of my head and told myself to keep focusing on staying sober. I don’t want to go back to feeling ill again, keep telling myself in the words of mrsd “it stopped being fun”.!! Can’t beat a great night sleep plus my chill pills are working now properly and I’m very grateful for that.. hope everyone is well today.. love to all xxxxx

    • So glad to hear you’re feeling and doing well. Keep it up!! 🙂

    • You have put the wheels back on and you are back on track @lucy! So glad you checked back in and made the commitment to kick booze to the curb. Life is so much better. Those words from Mrs D are so powerful “it stopped being fun”. End of story. Have a great day!

    • oxoxox Way to go girl! I love seeing you back here.
      And I’ll be back every day soon as well once I am home.
      Love yourself hard, then even harder. Every day, whenever possible.
      You deserve it.


    • doing pretty well today. 🙂 thanks for asking. @lucy xox

    • Hey great, Lucy. sounds like you’re getting your sober legs back. We’re home from the 4 day reunion, then away this Friday again for two weeks. Our suite was party central for the reunion, so I was one of the few not drinking in my own suite. Sort of ironic. Sort of funny. How’s your family reacting? I still say they’re damn lucky to have you.

    • Great job @lucy!!! ‘it stopped being fun’ – that is a great line to remember!! xo

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