• Lucy posted an update 2 months ago

    Just about to start the book “This naked Mind”… has this helped anyone on here? I’m surrounding myself with sober books, blogs and pod casts.. have just ordered the Jason Vale book to… really need to do my homework this time… Today has been really good and lunch out was lovely… great catch up and food .. soda water and lime.. but have noticed i’m very tired so just going to take it easy the rest of the evening.. that is a trigger for me tiredness … early to bed.. work tomorrow… will post tomorrow afternoon… take care all .. lots of love from me.. xxxx

    • I definitely found “This Naked Mind” useful. It targets destructive beliefs about alcohol. Glad to hear you had a good day. Sleep well.

    • Ro replied 2 months ago

      Have you looked at Rational recovery @lucy ? Just google it. I only needed to read what I could see online. Helped me heaps 🙂

    • This Naked Mind was a game changer for me @Lucy. Check out Annie Grace’s Facebook page and website. More tools to help you kick booze to the curb!

    • You will learn heaps from both those books. I also did Annie Grace’s ’30 Day Alcohol Experiment’, it’s online & free. Got me through the first 30 days for sure. Highly recommend it

    • Best book ever, I’m into my 6th year and just read it, found it excellent

    • R51 replied 2 months ago

      Is this our sweet sweet @Lucy from England?

      • Hey @R5, yes it’s me.. day 5 today.. how are you my lovely.. xx We need to catch up.. hope your good today xx

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