• Lucy posted an update 4 days, 17 hours ago

    Hi all you lovely people.. I really need your support right now as I’ve been drinking to black out (again) every night.. I’m so low right now. x

    • Luuuuuuuuuucy! Hey you 😊

      • In bed nearly asleep but looking forward to seeing you 😁

        • Hi Ro how you doing?? I’ve hit rock bottom again… bottles of vodka and wine.. still functioning though.. but blacking out all the time.. feel so shit today.. need to sort my life out again.. x

    • What does the support look like to you?

    • Best news is that your here now, @lucy and asking for help. Getting off of that merry go round is the first step. I know that dark place so well, most of us have been there but you already know, having had sober time, that stopping is the first thing that has to happen. I feel for you, though. Countless times I’ve fooled myself thinking that I (it) was ok to drink and landed right back in the shit. Welcome back!

      • Thank you @lee-2… today not feeling great but know that having been here many times the shame and failure feelings are so bad.

    • Hi lovely you, so happy to see you. To hell with the failure vibe – you know the drill, this time, yes? No matter what happens though, don’t leave us! Keep posting and we will try to be encouraging XXXXX

    • Lucy, sleep well, freshen up and start again. We have all fallen and start again. Me every week for a long time. You can get through this. Think about the clear heads and fresh mornings that are the pleasure of sobriety. Be positive and strong. There is no judgement here only support.

    • @lucy – This too shall pass. Praying for you lady! It can be a circular path. You will point north again

    • Lucyyyyyyyy!!!! Oh I’ve missed you!!!! Lots of love your way.
      How about we change that and go back to that path where you and I went swimming a ton, and things slowly did get better. I always tell everyone on here how you were the one who welcomed me when I first started and how you were the reason I got back into swimming and how good that has been for my depression and anxiety.
      We’re here if you need an ear.
      Is antabuse and a chat with your doctor maybe a good place to start right now? It can be scary and also medically a concern if you withdraw from vodka etc. after prolonged use.
      A friend of mine just did detox at a hospital for a few days to get off it safely. Would that be something to consider this weekend maybe?


      You will be ok.
      I have no doubt in my mind.
      You’ve done it before and got sober. You will do it again.
      We may just need to add on more external tools in the form of your healthcare team etc. and that’s ok.
      Hope your family is well and I am still dreaming about sharing one of your lovely Sunday roasts!!

      • Hello my lovely @Mari135.. I have missed you loads… so spooky our song has been on the radio in the car this week, like a sign I should get sober again… thank you so much for your support and yes swimming on Sunday I will go.. xxxx huge love

    • We’ve missed you @lucy! We’re all scooching together to make room on the sober wagon. Lots of warm hugs. You’re with friends who know exactly what you’re going through. No shame, just compassion. ❤️😊

    • So glad you’re back @lucy! I’ve thought of you often, you were one the first ones to welcome me here and always so supportive. You still have all your sober days and you can do this! Don’t let that nasty voice get you down we are all here for you!

    • Hi @Lucy. Glad you made the decision to come back. You were such an active member of this community when I first joined 15 months ago. You have been so supportive of others, including me. So many people here are fond of you. We’re all here to cheer you on. Please keep checking in.

    • Hi there @Lucy. It sure is clear from all the posts of my new friends posted before mine that you are well loved here. I’d like to offer my support and friendship to theirs. I’m happy to scooch over with @freedom1025. There’s plenty of room here. Sending hugs and thinking of you. Stay with us. We’re always here and we’re traveling in the same direction.

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