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    • Hello and welcome to this fantastic community!

    • Welcome!

      • Thanks. how to you stop those cravings?? can you suggest anything. I can get a week without drinking but then the cravings over power all my logic not to drink.

        • I am on Day 16 and the first week was easier than this last week for me. I have just been staying extra busy during the day, eating /snacking on some not so nutritious foods( which is not usual for me) drinking a ton of flavoured club soda, and making myself go to bed earlier at night to turn my cravings off. Some days are harder than others for sure. I am seeing a counselor tomorrow so I am going to talk to her about this exact thing and see if she can help me with other ideas. It is not easy for sure, so just keep trying different things, and popping on here helps…I almost caved yesterday but popped on and read some posts before bed and it seemed to help.

        • I would make a cup of tea, pick up a book, take a bath anything to distract myself for the first week, I would carry no cash and not drive past my favorite liquor store then change into pajamas as soon as I got home so I knew I wasn’t going out again. You can write a post and ask for support there, lots of helpful folks here.

        • Thank you for your help and insight. I will have to learn new tricks to combat those cravings. Maybe drink a large glass of water fast until my belly is full.

        • Hiya, @LouisKVincent. Good point. I think we all agree, knowledge is power in this game. We’re pretty fortunate to have some pretty extraordinary members here with quite a few years under their belts ~ not least of all, Mrs D, herself. Her Blog section here is brilliant. Also, fellow-member DaveH is nothing less than genius, in my estimation. Not only is he an active member here in the member’s feed, but he generously gifts our members with uploads of his books. You might just find ‘Alcohol in a Nutshell’ a superb launch-point, your DIAMOND, in fact. DaveH (aka Stan West).

        • Hi @louiskvincent Malibustacey has pointed you at my blog, and by all means feel free to go there for information or whatever, but please come back here. The single biggest thing that changed whether or not I could stay stopped was other people. It didn’t matter how hard I tried it wasn’t until I got myself among other people with this problem that I could beat it. Right here is a very powerful therapeutic community, and as long as you stay close to this group you are never alone in your struggle. Here’s looking forward to hearing from you about Day 2.

    • Hi again, @LouisKVincent. This has some SOLID suggestions, if you think it might help.

    • Hey @LouisKVincent, speaking of keeping your belly full, eating early is a great tool. Use HALT. Don’t get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Sleep is also a great sober time builder. Anything to just get another day!

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