• Lilly15 posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago

    Well…..first of all, thank you so much for the wealth of information and support I have found on this site since joining a little over 2 months ago. I have come here every single day and have been inspired by all you brave warriors out there. Today I am 75 days sober. As I type this, I can hardly believe it. When I started this journey, I never in a million years thought I could come this far; now, I have no intention of stopping it. I come from a large family where everyone drinks………we drink when we’re happy, we drink when we’re sad, we drink to celebrate, etc., etc., I myself have been drinking steadily and heavily for 30 years!!! I knew I developed a huge problem…….some day I’ll share some of the ugly details, but for now….I’ll spare you! The first few weeks of quitting were one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. All I did was obsess about alcohol, especially on the weekends. Now…….all I do is think about how great it is going to be to face the rest of my life not having to worry about how I’m going to get my next drink. I was a little bit shocked this morning……it’s Monday…..when I realized I never even gave alcohol a thought this past weekend. It really does get easier!!!! When I first started, I was dreading going to two weddings we have coming up in September because I couldn’t imagine not drinking and someone here said, “don’t think so far ahead…….think just about today”. They were so right. When I think of those weddings now…..I can’t wait to go and enjoy and be present for every minute of it and not have to dread looking at photos the day after feeling ashamed at having made a fool of myself by drinking too much. Anyway, I just had to come out from “lurking” on here this morning to say thank you……thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. I think each and everyone of you with your honesty, bravery, support and kindness may have actually saved my life!!!! XX

    • Well done!! Perfect summary of the beauty and benefits of sobriety. You rock!

    • Love this! Well done you…..i’m 7 days AF and feeling soooooo much better. Great to read your positive experiences…..

    • Well done! I’m on day 56 and it was awesome for me to hear you say that you realized on a Monday that you hadn’t given alcohol any thought over a weekend! 🙂 It’s easy for me to not have it on the weekends now, but it still crosses my mind a few times. Thanks for sharing!!

    • ❤ Great job on 75 days!!!

    • 75 days is great. 🙂 It’s strength in numbers here, we hold each other up.

    • This is also my story @Lilly15, so many parallels! Congrats you made a great way. It’s gorgeous to notice WOW I DIDN’T THINK OF IT AT ALL!!! isn’t it? Means it doesn’t have that power any more, there’s room again for really important and lovely things in your life 🙂

    • Your story is very similar to my own. You hit on a ton of things that I was also obsessing about in my own journey. I decided to change only 47 days ago and I’m so happy that I finally see that truth about alcohol. Congrats on day 75! I completely understand how your feeling right now. I’m also thankful for this amazing sight.

    • @Lilly15– Living Sober saved my life too -day 368! Stay strong- the struggle is real but the support here is phenomenal!

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