• Lightness posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Very close to 11 months, so I’m pretty close to 12, that huge milestone. Little voices are telling me that maybe it’s ok to have the odd glass once I reach the other side. I’m conscious of what’s happening but it’s very unsettling.

    • I get this @Lightness I got to 18 months once and thought sod it I’m having a drink.. but I went exactly back to square one. Couldn’t moderate like I thought and the depression returned along with hang overs, horrible nights drunk and guilt, shame and remorse. It is a struggle yes to stay sober as it looks so normal and it’s everywhere. Ignore those voices you are doing so well.. treat yourself you deserve it x

    • congratulations @lightness that first year is almost under your belt. That little voice is so unsettling but you’ve got this!

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