• Liberty posted an update 4 months ago

    I went to bed with a heavy heart and woke with one. But to read the outpouring of love and concern on here from friends all over the world; it is indescribably consoling, like a warm blanket round the shoulders on a cold night, a small barrier of care. It’s still a cold night, we’re still heartbroken, but your care means so much. xxxx

    • @liberty I’m so very sad with you. What is our world coming to? We have had so many shootings in the U.S. it’s becoming more of a regular occurrence. Things that would have never happened when I was little. My prayers and thoughts are with you all. Evil is all around. I want to know why …..what was the purpose of what they did? All those innocent people. 🙁 xoxoxoxxox My heart is heavy with you all today.

    • I second this, so heartwarming to see the messages of love from around the world. Waking up to a day of sadness, disbelief and helplessness. I am esp feeling for the members of the ChCh Afghan Society whose place of worship is across the street from my home and have been directly affected 💔💔

      • Aw those poor families , it is that helplessness feeling aye , I feel so compelled to reach out , I’m sure our church will set a game plan tomorrow to help in some way , hard to go on as “normal” what even is that anymore .

    • ❤️

    • So much love your way oxoxxoxoxxo

    • It really does mean so much xxx

    • So very sorry dear friend @Liberty. xx

    • ❤️

    • Oh, Liberty, it’s just heartbreaking. When will this ever end now that the flood gates have opened?! My heart just breaks for your country and ours and the world in general, and the young man who did this, my heart breaks for him because he is so bogged down in hate.

      • Yes @frog so heartbreaking, all of it. 💔 Thank goodness for this place we can come together & be together, & care. xxx

    • @Liberty across the oceans we join with you in horror and sadness and wish the people affected could feel the blanket of love surrounding them from across the globe

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