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    Hi all, so here is my story i join this group about 3years ago but thought my drinking was ok. Well as time has gone on especially this last year as i lost my brother who was only 35 years and have 2older sister. In this last year my drinking has increased lots it’s normally between 4.30pm and 7pm i could have a bottle of wine each night. The thing is it’s got worse in last 6months that i was hiding it and lying to my husband about it. In May he found an empty bottle in my bag and i said it was from another time. We got through that and 3 weeks ago i was invited to a work thing that he was cooking for i got drunk and he had to put me in taxi home and was not happy saying i was an Alcoholic and this would be my last chance. I stoped drink for 2 weeks and slip up on Thursday night i had a Rum and coke and he tasted it thinking it was coke and when he asked i lied again. So i am going to AA meeting and seeing the Doctor tomorrow and careNZ the thing is he thinks i need to go to rehab to understand the Severity so this. I am 3 days sober and worried about how the doctor will be. Any tips or advice thanks L

    • Hi Libby! Well done on day 3. It’s so hard at the beginning, and you’ve started which is great. Hopefully AA is helpful for you, but know that there a TON of online sober resources – brand new world of recovery now. Here are some of my favourites –,,,, Sober audios are also good – lots of podcasts including The Bubble Hour. Also – Annie Grace’s book The Naked Mind is great, and her youtube videos are fantastic – I especially love the one she made about why moderation doesn’t work. Hang in there, you can do this!! xx

    • I’m day 22 and been under the care of my doctor and Addiction services. This is my third attempt and longest time without booze. I’m on antibuse which I have dispensed to me (my choice) as last time I was in charge and booze brain sabotaged it.
      I’m glad you are seeing your doctor they will guide you in the right direction. I feel so supported. All the best xx

    • Hi @libby your story sounds similar to many of us here! Your Doctor is there to help you not to judge. The best thing is to be very honest about your drinking so that they can see what will help you on your journey towards being sober. It may be that rehab will be helpful for you. Or maybe medication to help prevent the cravings. Post here as often as you want – someone will be here to support you at almost any time. There are members from all around the world here.

    • Mrs D replied 1 week ago

      so great you are here, keep posting and being honest.. you’ve got this! x

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