• LeslieLily posted an update 1 week, 1 day ago

    Ugh I am really over this weather in the mid to high 90’s! It never cools down! Just one hot day after another. I’m worrying a bit about this week because my husband is home all week. I know that sounds weird but this used to be a great excuse to me to drink way more because I wasn’t the only one who had to wake up with the kids in the morning. I know that I do not have a desire to feel drunk, dehydrated and disgusting and then hungover the next day but I still fight the urge to drink constantly! Hanging in there and staying sober. Hope you guys are too.

    • It will get easier, I promise! I, too, have the urge when a long leisure time with my hubs is anigh. I just tell myself I get in too much trouble if I drink so it’s not an option for me. What else can I do to appreciate the day? What can you do for a little self-indulgence?

    • You’re doing right in every way – hot days are hard to stand but hot days + hangover + dehydration + shame + guilt + having to look after the kids, that’s hell!

    • Can you give us a list of all the benefits of not drinking, morning, noon and night?

      • @morgan Yeah! No hangovers no headaches. Sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed. Mentally feeling more clear and functional, calm and rational. Able to consider my thoughts and actions and react in a more positive way to challenging situations because I’m not preoccupied with thoughts of when I can start drinking. Saving TONS of money. No embarrassing late night social media posts or conversations where I share too much or say weird things. No getting overly emotional. Being a better mom to my kids, knowins they can always rely on me day or night, I am always capable of caring for them. I’m losing weight, my skin and hair look better. My face is less puffy, I feel better about my body. No dizziness, laying in bed with one eye shut because I’m seeing double, no puking, no sitting on the couch realizing I’m way too drunk and waiting for it to pass because I’m unhappy about it. Less depressed and anxious…. more confident. Much more productive in the evenings, doing things I enjoy, focusing on hobbies, remembering the books I read and reading more in general because I’m not wasted and passed out….Haha, typing it all out makes me wonder why anyone would drink….

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