• LeslieLily posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Well there’s that! It’s Thursday night, just before 11pm. I’ve got one more hour of work to put in and one more night on my own with the kiddos and by tomorrow night my best friend and partner in parenting will be back! šŸ˜€ His two bottles of fancy whiskey sat on the top shelf of our china cabinet all week long and the only glances I spared them were accompanied by the thoughts “I only think I want to and I won’t” and “nope.” The cravings are not nearly as strong, though there is still a fairly consistent annoying little thought in the back of my mind on the daily around 3pm. Such a far cry from the first two weeks when ALL I could think about was booze allll day long. I’m worn out, I need to sleep for like ten hours and I need a break from my two wonderful kiddos… but my week has been productive and a little boring and that’s about it. I’ll take it. Have a wonderful day/night sober friends.

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