• LeslieLily posted an update 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    Have had several days at this point where the idea of drinking simply did not occur to me at all the entire day. What a feeling of relief on these days. Still plenty of days where I *think* I wish I could – and tomorrow is a Friday night which always makes me think I want to drink. Next week my husband is gone the entire week so it’s just me and two young kiddos alone in a country where I only just sort of know a couple of people. It’s going to be very weird and disorienting. I’m working to make a schedule for us to stick to with plenty to leave the house for. If I don’t, I know I will get swallowed by anxiety and self pity, which will make me want to drink. Even though I currently have the freedom of a very flexible schedule… I know scheduling is still really important for me, as is being productive. The anxiety and temptation is very strong when I let myself just sink into a day of doing “nothing much.” I’m worrying quite a bit about next week!

    • Those no drinking thoughts days will start coming more frequently now. Just be on guard for hidden trigger land mines. I have a special needs son and for decades drank to alleviate resentment at being locked in the house (cage) with him. I was able to experience several periods of sobriety and I’d get the f-its at times and go back to drinking. I just read an email from Annie Grace about the timing being right for success. That’s how I feel about my success this time around. I had what I think of as a reverse f-it moment and decided to jump into sobriety. It was like “why the hell not? What will I lose by not drinking everyday?” I didn’t lose anything. The timing felt right. I still get trapped in the house but am able to voice my resentment much better and put a better spin on it for myself. You’re doing great! xo

    • Don’t worry about next week lovely lady, just keep posting.. If I could give you my phone number I would.. I’m on fb if you want to friend request me.. I know being alone with children used to drive me to drink, plus it’s the school holidays and they need entertaining every minute of the day. Just keep it in the day, take it slow.. always here for you.. oh I’m Lucy Neal I’m in the UK.. x

    • Hang in there and keep posting, fee are all here for you. Where about are you? Treat yourself when you feel a bit low, yo7 will be saving on the wine bill so pamper yourself a little whil3 he is away xxxx

    • Hope you’re doing well today @leslielily. Thinking of you xo

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