• LeslieLily posted an update 6 days, 11 hours ago

    Finishing my second sober Friday and it has been much more relaxing and enjoyable then last Friday. Rained here all day so kiddos and I made cookies, painted, played board games and made an amazing din. Hubs and I are now three episodes into season 3 of Stranger Things enjoying just ice water and jasmine tea. I asked him why he didn’t get alcohol tonight as he usually does (he does not have problems with moderation) and he told me that he likes that I have gone AF and thinks he wants to spend more weekends sober with me. I’m enjoying the support, and the healthy choice he is making with me!

    • Well done on a second sober Friday! And that is so great about the support your husband is giving you. My husband is doing similar with me and it is helping me so much. And enjoying all the little things with the kids is so much better now, too isn’t it? 🙂 My 7 year old daughter and I stopped to watch a beautiful lightening storm on the way home last night. I appreciated just enjoying the moment with her, not feeling numbed from alcohol in my system or nursing a hangover or caring about getting home to have a drink. Life is so much better without alcohol. Enjoy your sober weekend!!! Hugs.

      • @jmtn I was actively involved with my kids while drinking, but I was living with this CONSTANT feeling of guilt when I would be doing projects with them while chugging back malt beverages and always making sure not to get “too” drunk before my husband came home. Same when my husband would travel for work – I would be just responsible enough to not be “too drunk” while being the lone parent in the house at night, and then would have intense guilt the next day for drinking at all while caring for them, knowing that at some point they would be old enough to catch on. What a huge relief to know that I am 100% in control and competent and can enjoy time with them and know they are always safe and secure with me. Definitely one of my biggest motivators.

    • That sounds like a great Friday. My husband rarely drinks and so he doesn’t really “get” the whole addiction thing, but he’s supportive and I’m grateful for that.

    • I like those moments when I can see the delightful textures to life that were obscured by my focus on alcohol. Happy weekend!

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