• Lee@ posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    Great day to be sober but isn’t everyday. Sorry sounding a bit like Mr. Rogers but I’m feeling it. My neighborhood may not be quite as beautiful as his was, have a crack/heroin house down the street instead of lady Elaine, but I am happy to be where I am and in my skin today. 62 days af. Free at last!

  • Lee@ posted an update 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    October had nearly come and gone! Not feeling left out with the drinking at All! Still have cravings sometimes but I see and deal with heavy drinkers often at work (the guest) and it’s typically not attractive. My drunk neighbors had a public shouting match the other night that made me cringe but also grateful to be sober and thankful not to have to repeat my own bad memories of drunkeness. It’s been a long busy week. Celebrating day 45 with sugary treats and feet propped up!!

    • @lee@ congratulations on 45 days. You are doing amazingly well. Happy for you! I love your celebration style xxx

      • @libertynow I had nothing healthy prepared and was exhausted after work. Finished off the day with a healthy salad. Off tomorrow so will stock up on good stuff. I still allow myself to indulge in sweets and other treats from time to time. If I have a craving all bets are off. I’ll shove nearly anything in my face except booze

        • Oh me too, @lee@ my days of imbibing that evil poison are well and truly over. Iā€™m not averse to the occasional dark chocolate treat from time to time, however xxx

    • Well done on 45 days!

    • Nothing like loud drunks to inspire us on our path to sobriety. Good on 45 days.

    • 45 days and being all safe and propped up feet at home. Love this so much! oxoxox And oh my….does alcohol ever invite unnecessary suffering and drama into life….so much suffering and so much drama. oxoxox