• Lee@ posted an update 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Turned 53 years old today and really could care less. My main focus is the same, which is trying to live a better and alcohol free life. The challenges I face now are very different than 107 days ago. I am discovering this person I’ve drug around drunk for the last 30 odd years, why did she drink, what was she trying so desperately to hide and how can I help her. In all honesty, this is keeping me very very busy and it’s often not fun. Life can’t always be fun and at least this is productive. Drinking had become a gruesome chore towards the end and wasn’t fun at all. It’s my job to remember this and to do whatever it takes to prevent it from happening again. I’ve allowed my world to get pretty small these days which is important with the task at hand. I don’t have nearly as much pressure from the outside world which is perfect at the moment as I’m in this sort of incubation stage and have no earthly idea what I may hatch into. Whatever it is will not be mutated with booze! Am off to lunch with a sober friend but that’s my big plan for the day. I am surrounded by the drunk and the restless, all willing to sweep me off of my sober feet but for this I care NOT. That pandora’s box is shut! Have a great day all!

    • lol the drunk and the restless ha ha hah! A very happy birthday 53 yrs young and on a huge journey of discovery-how very exciting! I hope you have a great lunch and pig right out 🙂

      • Yes @Ro, that big drama filled booze drenched crusade I was once a part of. Just got a bit of a headache typing that. lol! Going out for Thai and will do just that, pig right out, then come home and sleep like a big glubber!

    • Have a great birthday 😁 107 days awesome.

    • Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your lunch🎉🎉🎉

    • Happy birthday!! 🌈🎆🎉🎂

    • What an eloquent post and Happy Birthday! I called my healing place a cocoon, yours is a small world incubator. Can’t wait to see what emerges!🐛💝

    • A gazillion sparkling stars for you on your happy birthday dear friend @Lee@! You’re doing everything right…slowly but surely, and definitely extracting your way out of that vacuum. Enjoy your week, just as you are and you are you are! With love, M.

    • Most awesome post @lee ! Big happy birthday and congrats on your climbing day count of alcohol freedom. ❤️❤️

    • Happy Birthday @lee-2! A Pandora’s Box it is, and there’s no way I’m opening up that box again!

    • Happy Birthday and congratulations on your day count!

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