• Lee@ posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    98 days today. I’m making it past what had become my normal caving point, for the last few years at least. I’d always find an excuse or a reason to drink again right around the 3 month mark which would inevitably bring me right back to daily unlimited binge drinking, then I’d carry on with that until I became incredibly ill, so sick that I just couldn’t function anymore. This would only take a few weeks as my body just can’t handle it after so many years of drinking heavily. Nor can my soul. It scares me to think about what I’ve done to myself and for how long this pattern has continued, and how easily it could happen again if I allow it to. For now I just keep reminding myself of how bad it gets, how much pain it caused, how much better my life is without it and continue to push away any fleeting thoughts that may glamorize it. There’s nothing glamorous about selling myself short and becoming a slave to a substance over and over again. So the battle continues and I am armed with the desire to never drink again as well as a whole new stack of recovery literature to read. It’s so worth my time and continuous effort to do all of the “right next things” in order to stay sober. Learning to find the comfort from within instead of outside takes time but I’ve had some success and am plowing forward. I have you all here to thank, as well as millions of others who are realizing that life without substances is possible, better and are part of this great movement to rid them from our lives. We are the cool kids now and are never alone!!

    • Congrats on 98 days Lee!! Yes, we are definitely the cool kids now 🙂 xo

    • You are doing so well @lee-2! You have so much wisdom about recovery, and you are so willing to share it. You continue to inspire me and so many others here. Congratulations on 98 days!

    • Hi my cool friend! I’ll give you a word of warning which will perhaps help push you past that 100 day mark. I had an appointment with my osteoporosis doctor yesterday. I have full blown osteoporosis and am at high risk of fracture of the spine. This was not completely caused by drinking, but drinking sure added to my risk factors. It’s genetic in my family. We are caucasian, little women. Even though I exercised my entire life I still got it. The dr says women, especially drinkers, should get a baseline at 40 not wait until 65 as recommended. I have a few years before 65 but am lucky to get checked now. So no bending forward, backward, sideways, or sit ups for me. I have to give up yoga because of the bending and twists. I have to go on Fosomax. Rather than drinking alcohol I should have been drinking milk! Picture your insides and what booze did to you. Cool kids drink milk, not booze!

    • Congrats on 98 days!!! I’m struggling with the fleeting, glamorous thoughts of drinking……and just have to keep thinking about how I felt at the end (which was just last week…:). Not hungover in the traditional sense but just beyond bloated 1 morning from the night before….the drinking and the ridiculous drunk eating. My stomach ached and I just felt scary awful. I didn’t eat the whole day. I didn’t drink that night and made a decision to never feel that way again. So while this is hard, I desperately have to keep remembering how hard drinking was. Horribly hard.

      Good job everybody…:) XO

      • Congratulations, @Lee@. You are making amazing progress!

      • And @pattyw, congratulations to you too. I am just two weeks in myself, but 14 days sober is more than I have managed in more than a decade, so I’ll take it. Thank you for the reminder of the physical pain drinking brings…best wishes and best health to you!

    • You have the right attitude @lee,and you are doing it. congratulations.

    • @lee@ I am at day 83 and have been having the cravings for the last couple of day. I am away with the family and everyone is drinking wine so I came on here and so glad I saw your post so that I can now stop glamorising the want of wine. I am having my nice drink and checking in here. Awesome job 98 days. I like being a cool kid.

      • That can be tough, with family especially but the more we get through it the easier it gets. I’ve completely gotten past the end of the night “shift” drink that my coworkers have, it doesn’t even phase me but I do have a few family get togethers coming up where I know that I’ll have to be somewhat on guard. I say let them have it, for the most part now though. Have come this far and don’t plan on giving up my sobriety for anything. I’ll leave first. Big congrats on 83 days @jaxisdry! Look at us go!!!!xo

    • That’s so great Lee- almost 100! Congratulations…it’s all new territory. Super cool!

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