• Lee@ posted an update 4 days, 23 hours ago

    I’m beginning to notice how all of the subtle changes that have occured, since I stopped drinking, are taking shape and have created the beginning of a completely new way of life. I feel, think and look better and my world has become more organized. Feels like I’m creating space for the new without knowing what it is yet but when it happens I’ll be ready. I don’t carry all of the booze soaked fears anymore, the unhealthy ones which hindered my existence. Crazy to think that all of this has happened in only 95 days AF but it would be so much crazier if I decided to give all of this up just to have a drink. Not happening!

    • I love all the subtle changes at the beginning, it’s so magical. The beauty of writing about them all here is it somehow cements those changes and makes them more real. It’s like consciously building a foundation. In previous AF phases, before being on the site, I would miss those precious things. I’d notice them at the time but lose track, undervalue them, not build on them. Part of staying AF I’ve come to realise, is properly valuing those subtle things.
      The are like jewels in the dust, these changes. Have to be paying attention or we don’t see them. 🙂 xx

    • I love the changes as well. I feel like a mindfulness guru some days: the senses suddenly bolster; leaves on trees stand out, the cut grass smells out of this world, the mountains are showing every crevice clearly, even the rain down the back of my neck. Loving it all.

    • Thanks for your wonderful post @Lee. I need to be reminded of just how wonderful sobriety is.

    • It one thing I loved about the Intervention TV program, the before and afters. Afters – the skin glows the hair shines and they look sooo much better and thats just physical!

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