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    93 days without a drop and I don’t miss it at all. A drink might sound or seem appealing for a fleeting moment but the reality of the aftermath quickly takes over and spares me from it, while it, the notorious one, has always been the crack that sinks the ship. I am at a point in my recovery to where the obsession to drink has left me, I’ve been able to pinpoint the reasons why I drank and can move forward without blaming others or carrying the heavy weight of the past and or my addicted behaviors. AA’s steps 1-5 are miracle workers if done correctly, correctly meaning to get 100% honest with ones self. I’m sure there are many other ways to go about this healing process but I needed the structure of AA, and the results have been astonishing, but we do only get what we put into anything. Getting sober involves a lot of empty space that’s created once all of the drinking time and energy is freed up and I’ve found it best to fill this void with some or any type of recovery related project, otherwise it will repeatedly refill itself with more of the same and the alcoholic cycle will repeat itself again and again. It’s taken a lot of time and trial and error to get where I am, which is perfectly fine, I finally have some peace within myself and feel free. Burying expectations has been one of the best sober tools yet, as it allows space for the real things to come into light, the fulfilling ones. Einstein was right, (imagine that!) We get the same results from doing the same things. Without change there is no change… Have a lovely AF day all!

    • I’m feeling really inspired by your post Lee. Not sure if I want to do AA, but I may have to consider it. I’ve tried getting sober many times but have a hard time getting past the third week. Playing it forward to the aftermath has stopped me from drinking many times. It’s a great tool to have. I’m looking forward to the point where the obsession leaves. Good job on your 93 days!

    • Hey @Lee I agree. Everyone goes his/her own way but it’s always about being absolutely honest with oneself. I notice that this honesty meanwhile plays a big role in my whole life, not only in the non-drinking-part of it. I face things, see everything more clearly than before – a great benefit.

    • Congratulations on 93 days @lee-2! Your are doing so well. You are right about the empty space. It’s so important to find something constructive to fill it. For me, it has opened the door for practicing mindfulness, meditation, and self love. I am finally beginning to feel a new sense of inner peace that was not possible when I was obsessed with alcohol. Have a great AF day!

    • Great thoughts !

    • @lee-2 you sound like you are doing really well. congrats on your 93 days. there is a lot of free time in sobriety. it can burdensome or a gift, depending on the day. be well.

    • So glad for you Lee. Almost 3 digits as well, 90 is a corner turned and 100 is another. I think some major brain changes start to happen around now, if I remember rightly.

    • wonderful post @Lee as always.I too have pinpointed the reasons why I drank and now aware of that empty space to fill. You are doing so well—keep it up and keep posting please.

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