• Lee@ posted an update 2 weeks, 2 days ago

    87 days today. Thanks everyone for your comments concerning the death of my cousin. Have experienced sadness but with a bit of light and calmness. It’s amazing how much better I deal with situations sober. Any and all. Coming up on three months, which in the past has often become my breaking point, where I’d have already spread myself to thin and drinking would once again begin to look appealing. Not this time. It’s the furthest from my mind and when the fleeting thoughts of “what if” occur, they are immediately arrested and concluded with thoughts of despair because that’s exactly what drinking gifts me, along with a slew of other unwarranted and negative things. This is the greatest boundary I’ve yet set, the one that lies between myself and alcohol. and there are many other smaller ones that exist in between in order to protect myself. I’m not avoiding it, I’m just not having it as it has proven to be worthless to me time and time again. Therefore, I carry on with this sober journey, where each day begins with a clear head that is filled with gratitude. Life is raw and fulfilling, one day at a time. Have a great day all!xo

    • Amazing post @Lee! Congrats on 87 days. Being sober is the best way to honour someone we grieve. xo

    • Hi @lee-2 The growth in your self-awareness is a joy to watch. You are in a completely different position at 3 months than you have described in your previous efforts. Well done indeed.

    • A sad occurrence, but so happy for you. Everyday seems to become clearer, doesn’t it? Good for you.

    • “…….I’m just not having it as it has proven to be worthless to me time and time again”. Right on!

    • That’s right, one day at a time…one next best step…one next best task…one next breath, if need be. At YOUR own pace. xoxoxoxoxo

    • You too lovely❤️❤️

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