• Lee@ posted an update 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    77 days today. Feeling a great sense of peace and calm. It’s not always this way but I certainly cherish these moments.. Maybe it’s happening because I took care of nearly all of my business on my day off yesterday and did not get drunk. What a concept. Who knew? So very much time wasted on getting drunk. Maybe that’s why it’s sometimes called getting wasted. Man, am I bright today! haha! Off to face the day with 11 weeks in my pocket and it feels so very right! “Living my life like it’s Golden” Jill Scott. Have a great one all!! xoxox

    • 77 days…and a productive (= self-care) day off. Way to go!! I love reading your updates, Lee@!

    • That’s terrific, @Lee! We sure waste a lot of time drinking.

    • Congrats again @lee@! You are getting stronger and stronger.

    • Hi @lee-2 That sense of peace and calm is the prize for me. Sometimes people moan about not getting all the good things that they want in sobriety, but for me the happiness is not in what I gain but in what I lost. Once all the shame, guilt, remorse, fear, anxiety, depression and loneliness fade then what’s left behind is a quiet calm… and that never gets old. You’ve done brilliantly in your 77 days and I look forward to your post every day. It is such an affirmation of the three essential beliefs; it is possible, it is worthwhile, and it is necessary.

    • congrats @lee-2.

    • Congrats awesome you❤️

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