• LauraLi posted an update 5 days, 6 hours ago

    Waking up on morning 7, again without a hangover. I’ve dubbed it Waffle Wednesday for my boys. Feeling grateful, as I’d have not been up to making breakfast three days in a row for them when I was drinking. it would have been a bagel or cold cereal to compensate for my lack of energy.
    Keep up the good work my friends. I’m gaining so much by reading so many of ya’lls trials and successes.

    • Congrats on day 7 @laurali!! A full week! That is so fun that you are spending quality time with your kiddos xoxo

    • A whole week.. well done you.. your getting stronger. x

    • Love it!

    • I hear you, LauraLi. I have been up early every morning since I got sober, making proper breakfast for my children…bacon, hotcakes, bagels, baked beans, scrambled eggs, waffles….they don’t know what’s hit them. Usually a bit of toast plonked in front of them in my drunken, hungover haze would be the best they got. It feels great to be able to look after them properly and feel like a good mum again. Keep up the great work, LauraLI 🙂

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