• LauraLi posted an update 1 week ago

    I managed to make it through day 4. An entire weekend without drinking alcohol. I am hard pressed to remember when the last time that was. I believe it was for a minor surgery 2 years ago, but I had pain meds to fill in.
    I’m reading a lot about my addiction to alcohol. And learning every single day.
    There is a movie call The Wild, where the opening scene shows the actress tossing a boot off of a mountain screaming Eff You B*tch. I’ve kept one beer on the top shelf of my fridge, just to keep me in my path. Every now and then, I open the fridge and scream Eff You B*tch. Today I opened the fridge a lot. And when no one was around really cursed the Beer B*tch out!
    May your day and your night be free from what trys to control you.

    • Yes!! I love this – pressing through the struggle to give up booze by getting angry at it. This happened to me too and any alcohol my husband left around I would literally feel angry at. I would give it dirty looks or tell it how I felt about it. Well done on your first alcohol free weekend – it’s SO hard when you get to the weekend, but I have done two months of alcohol free weekends now and I promise you, it gets much easier.

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