• LauraLi posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Made it through the first night. Mornings are not difficult for me, so it will this evening that will be a much bigger challenge for me.
    I read here a reference to a line in a book, called The Sober Diaries. I downloaded it yesterday afternoon and read about 23%, so my tablet tells me. Although I do not have a “wine witch” I most certainly have a “Beer B*tch”
    It’s a good read for ladies, so much I could relate to and the author kept me company and help me focus on the first night of forever.
    Thanks to all of ya’ll who left we words of encouragement yesterday!

    • Hi @LauraLi. Glad you made it through the first night. Stay strong!

    • First night, check. Well done! xooxx I also never struggled with mornings, but evenings were hard. You hang in there. It is so worth it. And stop by anytime. We’re here. Us humans aren’t meant to walk through life alone, let alone through substance abuse. You have a right to ask for help when needed. It’s ok to ask for help.

    • congrats @ laurali, making such a big decision. i know that i was just thrilled to have made the decision. now, distract the heck out of yourself until there is no more beer B#$tch on the regular. it gets better every day. post here instead of picking of a beer.

    • Well done!! You CAN do this.

    • There you go! When that beer bitch starts yelling early afternoon, make sure you eat rught away and have a big glass of something alcohol free in your hand and DRINK it. Stay here and post to get through the tricky times.

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