• Lars posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Today someone around me said, “you know, not drinking is becoming more popular.” That’s when it hit me! What if, in the not so distant future people say things like, “remember when everyone used to drink? Ugh, how silly.” I know it seems like a stretch, but stranger things have happened.
    Maybe we’re really onto something here. 🙂

    • I remember when ladies didn’t really drink. My nana has a wee glass of sherry, wine was only for special occasions. Mind you dad made the most of the 6 o’clock swirl and half gs of beer

    • Yes, we have chatted about that on multiple occasions. I don’t know if everyone will quit but someday like smoking I hope it becomes more popular in the future. Would be so cool – it’s definitely starting!!!

    • I think it’s coming Lars. Maybe not in the next 10 years but soon. Drinking will be the new smoking- totally socially unacceptable and with lots of known health risks. Then coffee after that, and any form of diet control!

    • I think it’s coming too. There is a lot more emphasis put on the dangers of it on college campuses – mine has a zero tolerance policy.

    • Just like with smoking tobacco….humans catch onto that industry behind it. Lots of money in keeping society drugged up, lots of tax to be made too. oxoxox

    • This can’t be true. I’ve NEVER been in the popular group!

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