• kitten posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Good Morning, at about 387 AF, so, feeling comfortable in the not drinking today department. Yesterday, I had the best time with friends, all of whom drink and were drinking. I thought, maybe I will drink sometime, in a few years, but certainly not today. I have way too much that I need to accomplish before I entertain being out for hours from the drinking process (seeking, drinking, recovering). Most beautiful day, on the water, kayaking, little dog was in the kayak and loved it while we paddled and drifted, then home, late at night, waking up, couldn’t stay, big dog was still at home, eating oatmeal, getting ready to do a double walk, using a coupler to walk the two dogs ( our sunday worship), enjoyed by all, then out to botanical gardens with dogs and family, then eating somewhere where I don’t have to do dishes and cook! My point is this, if you had asked me if i could be easy breezy a year ago? I would never had believed it, I have changed my job, I have changed the way my house looks (usually clean, instead of never). My head space has changed from tight, hatred of myself, controlling, stressed, wrapped like top, who cares if i die today to a feeling of calm, free, light, easy smile, easy love, wait and see attitude. Keep on, all of you, from the most spectacular day in Tidewater VA, over and out. and yes, give the piss, a miss.

    • Love this post, these are my goals!

    • Sounds like a lovely day @kitten. There’s calmness on this end as well. I power watched the last 13 episodes of OITNB within 24 hrs. It’s been my ritual for the last 7 years as soon as it comes out. It’s like being on a very long flight but in a master suite and the movie last for 13 hours.

    • Lovely post, easy, breezy Kitten! xo

    • That sounds soooo beautiful, what a change in such a short time!

    • Oh I love this post so much @kitten, I feel relaxed just reading it. Can picture big and little dogs (Love GSD’s).
      Presence and being. xxx

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