• kitten posted an update 9 months, 1 week ago

    So, here I am, day 53 and with it the highest stress i have had for a long time. I live on the SE coast and Florence is supposed to bring us wind and water. don’t live in the area where it is going to land, but not far. sitting here in my home with my two dogs and my two cats, in a mandatory evacuation area. my one dog is losing it because she knows something is going on and this is her first real storm. the old man dog is like whatever little dog, we got this, she got us food to last forever. Her water supply looks a little weak, but maybe she’ll get her shit together and go get us some more before the rain starts. Yeah, the animals are talking and i can hear them today. just kidding. all the same, walking through the stores watching everyone stock up on their beer and cigarettes and wine and i am just breathing deep. interesting, not interested in that poison, enough poison running through me with cortisol and stress, how did I do my life before sober? not sure, but i did and now i am AF and i am good with that. Go, 53 days. This hurricane shit is serious.. respect to florence. best to all of you who are in her path and in her wake. long may we live.

    • Hi @kitten. Yep, the whole world is checkin’ you guys out at the moment. We’re prayin too. You’re doing everything right. Thank fuck you’re going through this event sober. xo

    • Hi @kitten oh how awful, bless you. Praying for safe deliverance through all the challenges Florence throws at you & yours. L&L xxx

    • Hey, @malibustacey, @libertynow, @jes. Yes, think going through a hurricane sober is best. it is stressful, @jes. understand the freakout. it is the cat 4 that is the concern, obviously. i think irma was supposed to be cat 4. anyway, in the end, it is always an experience, one i will be sober for this time. thanks for your thoughts. it will be monday before we know it.

    • 53 days is amazing! oxoxox Lots of love to you. You are going to be safe because you took precautions and prepared well. oxoxox It will be ok. We are here and I am already looking forward to an update from you once the hurricane has passed and everything goes back to normal. And oh my…I hear ya on “how on earth did I do this before sobriety??” I think that thought about 10 times per week…..

    • I love your post. I hope that you and your animal family stay safe in the storm. So glad you will be sober.

    • Oh @kitten that sounds very scary. I relate as we went through deadly earthquakes and aftershocks. I drank my way through the anxiety, hats off to you for doing this sober x

    • Hey kitten, how did it go or us it still going? Gosh I hope you are alright and your dogs.

    • @Kitten, you and the others affected by Miss Florence are in my thoughts and prayers. I completely understand the thing about clearing out the store of beer and cigarettes, as that was us at one time. Crazy isn’t it? Let’s get wasted during an emergency and not be present! The human mind/addiction is nuts at times. Please take the time to stay in touch if you are able.

    • good morning, @annec, @marmite, @missbennet, @buckeyeone, @mari135, @buckeyeone, @jes, @malibustacey, @libertynow. As far as my own particular situation is concerned, we are looking like wind and water combined with the new moon passing and whatever happens when september and october tides come to make flooding more likely. city damage certainly, evacuations continue, but now likely death dissed our area. wow though, florence is going to be a peacock. my heart to all that are closer to the show. What a wake up to my addiction to both alcohol and nicotine. certainly that was my first real test of why not just numb out and wanted to be numbed out (though hate even putting those words in my unconscious mind), but here i am, work at 8 (special work) so need to go and be sober and not hung over for the 8 am day. wish i could stay and chat, thank you all of you for being here. Love.

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