• Kirst posted an update 1 week, 3 days ago

    Hey tribe,
    A week ago my beautiful boxer boy crossed over the rainbow bridge. My heart is broken.

    He was 11yo and had been a bit unwell before the man and I left to go on our holiday. My son had taken him to the vets virtually everyday since we had been gone.

    I received a call last Monday from my son saying that he wouldn’t make it until we got back. The cost of the flight home was extortionate and he was failing fast. So on the Tuesday, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life from a hotel room in Bangkok and let my boy go. My (young adult) children had to manage this on their own. Lots of tears were shed.

    I got a serious case of the “fuck its” and luckily the man was there to talk me out of a bottle of Chardy or three. Funny how, after all this time, my first thought was still to turn to the wine.

    He was more than a dog to us, he was the glue of our family, even if we were grumpy with each other, he could always bring us together. He was such a clown and created a lot of laughter in our house. He was around for fully half of my sons life. I feel such overwhelming grief and sorrow. But mainly I feel guilt for being here having a wonderful holiday and not being there to support the kids and to say goodbye.

    Strange how life can be rainbows and butterflies and a shit sandwich all at once.

    Day 1320.

    • So sorry for your loss🌸🌸🌸🌸

    • I so very sorry to hear of the loss of your furry family member. They become as much of a part of our family as any of us. I’m happy for your steadfast decision not to go with a drink during your hard times. 3 and a half years is a long time. Stay strong @Krist

    • So very sorry for your loss.

    • @kirst I am so sorry. I had 2 boxers and twenty beautiful years with them between the lifespan of the 2. They were my children and I am still heartbroken over the lost at times. Glad to hear you didn’t drink at least. Hugs to you!

    • That is so hard. I’m very sorry @Kirst. Big hugs. xo

    • Oh, that’s so hard! What a great son you have for taking such care though.and husband to talk reason in a down time. 💙

    • How awfully sad, I’m very sorry to hear of it.
      I have had a number of dog’s over the years and I truly sympathise.
      You obviously have a great family and I am sure that they will keep you strong.

      Love, Peter

    • So sorry for your loss @kirst, a bit of our heart goes with them I think.

      • I’m really sorry @kirst I’ve been here nothing stops the hurt. We lost one of our cats in February and I broke my heart. I read a lovely bit after “your wings were ready, my heart was not”. So true. @robynb is right you have a lovely family, something to be proud of and you gave your boy a wonderful life. Keep safe and well done for staying off the juice. xx

    • I’m very sorry to hear about your loss. Here’s my Boxer story that might make you smile. Several years I was on my bike returning from a lengthy training ride. I had slowed to allow my legs to cool down when I heard the unmistakable clicks of dog claws on the pavement behind me. I was tired but I was also a strong cyclist that could outrun most dogs in pursuit. Before I dropped the hammer I glanced behind me to size up my competition and staring up at me was a Boxer with that goofy smile that only a Boxer could have. In his eyes I saw nothing but joy and love. This dog wasn’t going to hurt me, he was having the time of his life. Instead of speeding up I actually slowed down, and for the next two blocks I allowed this little lad to chase me to his hearts content. It sounds like your Boxer was the same beautiful spirit, I believe he will be with you forever.

    • @kirst so sorry for your loss loosing a much loved pet is so heartbreaking. Take care xx

    • Oh I’m so sorry Kirst 😢 What an awful loss and terrible time for all of you. Much love and hugs, you take care of yourself, this is the same as losing a family member, heck he WAS. A family member.

      The urge to drink while you were away is a major reminder of how fragile it can all be. I’m so glad you were able to stay alcohol free. Keep on keeping on hon.


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