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    Hi Tom – I am actually struggling. Nothing dire I quit drinking for a year, as you know, and it was so easy I now find myself drinking once a week As that evening unfolds I realize I have had enough to drink and yet I pour myself another … I am not losing sleep. I’m definitely hung over in the morning. And I feel guilty because right now I’m OK with that …

    I had a wonderful hobby that I was so passionate about. I worked on it every single day in a studio in my home. My house is now for sale and I’m just getting my studio put back together after dismantling it in February I believe once I’m able to work in my studio again I will stop self-medicating myself

    We are also having a couple over for dinner this evening and you checking in on me has reaffirmed my sparkling water beverage choice for tonight

    Thank you! K

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    I am a Kalamazooian! Hello!

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    • Welcome, @kazoorose. Your name makes me wonder if you’re a fellow Michigander, from Kalamazoo. If so, there are a few of us mid-westerners around, Sandy and I are in Owosso.