• kaydee posted an update 1 week ago

    Day 22 – Quick update before I hit the sack. 7 hours walking around Zagreb today on 2 different tours. 25 years ago the homeland wars shook this country and today i learned a great deal about how it happened and a bit of the why. Travel is indeed enlightening if we take the time to answer the how’s and why’s. I’m left with feeling very grateful that I have lived in NZ all my life and not had to endure the hardship of war. We don’t know how lucky we are until we learn about others less fortunate than us.

    • Eeeeck I read “got the sack” – thank goodness not
      Yes, we have no idea – thank god.
      Peaceful sleep

    • k1W1 replied 1 week ago

      How right you are.NZ on all is a great place to live.Travel and education is enlightening.
      I went to University as an adult and one thing I learnt is that we live our day to day lives in a bubble. There is so much going on we dont read about or think about (eg Female Gentile Mutilation). Ethics was a great paper too – do we kill one to save 100? There is starvation, wars, rapes murders but we worry about whats in our bubble, maybe its the brains safety control?

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