• kaydee posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

    Day 19 and I’m here in Plitvicka Lakes where tomorrow I’m going to walk through the park and see amazing waterfalls and lakes and forest along with 1000s of others I’m sure, 😀. I am suffering a bit with an arthritic knee so I’m hoping it holds up. No desire to drink tonight. It’s hot 30 plus degrees and I’m more than happy with a cold pineapple juice in the sunshine. I just watched a very interesting Ted Talk entitled “Everything you think you know about addiction is wrong“ By Johann Hari. A suggestion by Mel Robbins. (A motivational speaker I follow]. Lots of food for thought. But also explains why I’m finding the connections we get through this forum so valuable! Thank you @mrsd for setting us up with a safe place to be honest with ourselves without judgement. I’ve got some ruminating to do while walking tomorrow. Take care of yourselves. Xx

    • Hi @Kaydee! I just looked up Plitvicka Lakes, looks spectacular! Congrats on day 19! : )

    • looks beautiful. enjoy. glad you continue to be AF on your travels. @kaydee = congrats on day 19.

    • Go you Kaydee, all the better through clear eyes and head. My knee always feels better AF.

    • Hari is a good writer and speaker for sure. And we are fortunate to have our own special inspiration @Mrs-d (with a hyphen 🙂 )
      Happy wandering. Hope your knee behaves. I can remember being so inspired by Paris, many many years ago, that I walked, and walked and walked until my ankle couldn’t cope any more. Scary when there was so much more to see! Hope your feet and lega are holding up @Prudence

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