• kaydee posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Proud to report day 12 done and dusted. Another full on walking day around Zadar in Croatia. There was a cheerleaders display on inthe square which was awesome and the Sea organ is pretty cool. Not very tuneful but interesting. We stopped at the supermarket and I really want something to drink when Mark has his wine that is not full of sugar. Guess what I found. 0% beer. Only 24 calories in the can and less than 1 tsp of sugar. The ideal drink. I brought it and split it with Mark. Tasted like a bitter beer I guess. But I’m not sure if I want to drink beer when I don’t want to drink alcohol at all. I know there is no alcohol in the beer I drank but I just feel weird. Like a broke my own rule not to drink alcohol. I made up loads of rules around wine which I promptly broke after the first glass so I guess it might be to do with that. Any thoughts on zero percent beer or wine in your experience????

    • Ro replied 2 weeks ago

      I had one alcohol free Heineken before Xmas last year. It tasted just like beer. And then I wanted to smash a whole box of real beers and get pissed. Never have had one again. I never drank for the taste of alcohol in fact I think alcohol tastes gross, so yeah what’s the point? I mostly drink water with a ginger beer thrown in every now and then. Exciting shit I know. Your holiday sounds great

      • Thank your I for taking the time to reply @ro. Yeah, I was thinking along the same lines too. The fact that it tastes like alcohol may cause me to want the real thing. And your right that it didn’t taste great. I’ll keep looking for something I can drink in Croatia.

        • I love alcohol free beer. Doesn’t make me want real alcohol at all. But then, wine was my thing, not beer, so maybe that’s the difference.
          I don’t like Seedlip, the botanical no alcohol ‘gin’.
          Tastes like expensive water – which is what it is.

    • I have enjoyed some, but the last one seemed to trigger a 3 day minor migraine. I wonder if the sulphites do this, as A/F wine can do the same.
      Otherwise, no worries for me as I never liked beer as I find it bloating. Everyone has to find their way on these things I think.
      What is your favourite savoury treat? You could have sparkling water, lemon or lime, and a special …?

    • Heineken 0% has been a good option for me and not a trigger at all. I find just one is enough to ease me in to a social scene, it makes me feel full quickly so I then switch to an alternative AF drink (usually LaCroix). Noticing more people drinking it and more restaurants & bars seem to be stocking it in NZ (if they don’t I always suggest they get it in). But, same as @dorothyparker, I was dependent on wine…bubbles, bubbles & more bubbles …beer/spirits don’t hold any allure for me

      • Thanks @Meinz. I haven’t heard of LaCroix. I’ll look out for it. Have a great day.

        • If you are in NZ you will find it in the soft drink aisle at Countdown. It’s just fizzy water with a hint of flavour (Lime, Grapefruit, Orange, Berry, Watermelon etc), no sugar, no additives etc. $12 for 12 cans. I find most drinks too sweet but this is my favourite AF drink that I take with me everywhere. It’s well known in US & UK so google it if you want to know more

    • I relate to the desire for something not-sweet; even sour in the heat. Kombucha seems to hit that between space for me. It’s what I always wanted beer to taste like! Plus it’s good for me. However as it’s fermented it does have a small % of alcohol in it (as I think do all fermented things).
      I also found a 0% beer which sometimes in summer I like to have. I don’t find it triggers me. For a start it’s extremely dry and seems to hurt my stomach a bit if I have too much. Also beer was never my thing. It’s just a bitter thing to have in the heat. AF wine however – forget it. Felt weird as you described, and triggered me badly. Also gave me a hangover, it had so much sugar.

    • My experience was the same as yours I think. It just left me confused… was I drinking or wasn’t I?. It helps some people but I found it easier to leave it alone.

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