• Kali posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I joined this afternoon after finding this site while looking for advice on detoxing. I want to do Dry July, but according to medical sites I shouldn’t go cold turkey. Of course I left it till the last minute to find this out, tomorrow being 1 July.
    The idea of detox scares me as I already have precarious health with tachycardia, stroke risk, sudden bp drops etc. So I better do this properly. While I usually like to do things on my own, this is not one of those times.
    I’m not at Day 1 yet, but I hope that is ok for me to be here…

    • Welcome @Kali. Of course it’s ok to be here!!! Great support here. Def talk with yr doctor to detox safely. All the best and take care😁

    • Best talk to a doctor or alcohol help line on the best way forward. Hope day one went well for you

    • Better age than seizures😉 Seriously though, it’s your journey and you start it when and how you feel works best for you. Best of luck!!

    • I would see your doctor and get your detox monitored by professionals due to your above mentioned health risks.

    • Welcome here @kali! I agree with what others have said. Best to be safe given your medical history.

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