• k1W1 posted an update 1 week, 4 days ago

    Bugger, teaching my self sudoku, it’s soooo frustrating. I can do simple ones but don’t understand what to do one you have written all the possibilities in, what to from there? Usually I can al least finish a couple of the ones in the morning paper, last week didn’t get one. Ahhhh new hobbies 😁😂 frustrating

    • Alcohol Free problems @k1W1 😉 They sure beat alcohol induced problems!

    • @k1w1 look at the lines of numbers, horizontal and vertical. Remember each line has the numbers 1-9 as does each square. That normally helps. Good luck it’s great fun.

    • @k1w1 no I’ve never been able to do it either, and I’m pretty good with puzzles, I think my brain just says Nah numbers 😫

    • I’m with stylie, I end up just doing the code crackers. Words are friendly than numbers – and they say that being able to finish something (e.g. a crossword) is super for your mental health. I do the cryptic in the womens mags, coz I find the herald to hard and then feel happy that I’m at least learning and maybe one day I can do more that 2 or 3 answers in the herald. Keep trying, it will come.

      • Always wanted to do cryptic but never understood how they work, might make that my next goal to learn 👍

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