• k1W1 posted an update 3 days, 11 hours ago

    Woo hoo I have my post update button back. Nervous, going on an art retreat Saturday and Sunday. Really don’t know what to expect. By the end I will have 4 canvas painted with something. Talking with a lady at work today her hubby plays seniors rugby. I was horrified to hear at half time they do shots and player of the day has to drink a concoction of alcohol that’s put together and they usually end up drink as. I wa slime how is that good for the kids to see at half time. Maybe that’s why not many wives and kids go and watch! Hope that’s not common in Nz ruby clubs. I know lots of boys/men go drinking in pubs and clubs after their games. Worst culture ever I think 🤔

    • Drinking culture in many sports is not good at all. What a lovely way to recuperate, shame you can’t post your canvases would love to see them. It will be a liberating weekend.

    • I wonder if the injuries go up or down after the shots???!!!
      Art retreat sounds very exciting indeed. A full report would be much appreciated please. I was going to puppet making over a few weekends, but life is just too pressured, have to take care with new job that is very challenging for me.

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