• JR posted an update 2 weeks ago

    I find it fun and fascinating when I found another public figure/celebrity on the teetotaler path. How they came to be such and why, etc. Milo Ventimilia (oh gosh, can’t spell it) from the TV Show This is is Us. He is 42 and has been off alcohol for 20 years. He just said it was getting in the way of his acting passion. He Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lopez. All graceful, beautiful, peaceful people! …..and me and you! xo

    • JM replied 2 weeks ago

      Hi @JR! In early days, when I was just thinking about quitting, I would look up celebrities who don’t drink. Often they look amazing for their age. Sobriety is the ultimate vanity tool. : ) x

      • @JM @freedom1025 and I just learned one more, although she does drink on occasion, her mojo really is from good food and sleep over alcohol any day – Charlize Theron. She has a very sad story growing up about an abusive, alcoholic father and her mom shot him to death in self-defense. She said her fear was never knowing what her day would be like as a little girl as it was dictated by whether her dad drank or not.
        ….and to think alcohol is marketed as make life all great and happy. Such lies!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever been lumped in with J. Lo on any topic!! I’ll take it. We’re part of the cool club. 😊❤️

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