• Joyt posted an update 1 week, 2 days ago

    Day 6 today and I’ve saved $100 already! But I’d love a secret bottle of wine tonight. Just need to hang on and trust tomorrow will be a little easier.

    • I hear ya! I have been trying the fast forward thing this afternoon and imagining myself at 8pm happy I haven’t drunk because if I had the wine would be all gone by then anyway and I would feel like crap.

    • The word secret tells the whole story really doesn’t it. Onwards to day 7

    • Yes the secret part is such a prevalent part of many of our stories. Good job for hanging in there to day 7! 🙂 So funny, one would never do the trick – I need infinite amounts of booze. LOL.

      • Its so nice to have real empathy! I have eaten dinner and think I’ve made it tonight! It’s amazing what a good dinner does for the cravings. Most of my recent drinking has been in secret. It makes it easier to maintain the addiction, yet so much harder because there’s some shame in it. Thank you all for the replies. Take care.

      • SECRET—-has been so true for me in the past. Noone will know!! Hey stupid Annie–you will know.

    • Secret; I don’t think I fooled anyone, the bank account and my actions told my family what I was up to even if they didn’t “see” the consumption.

    • It will, I promise, and after 10 days you’ll kind of turn a wee corner and get right in the groove. Hard to believe right now, but true xx

    • good on you. what is true is that if you did drink that secret bottle you would regret it tomorrow and if you don’t you will wake up feeling grateful.

    • Onward to day 7. Let that secret die on the vine.

    • You go hang in there, and if you crawl across the finish line before bed. Wine will always be there. It’s not going anywhere. Nothing to miss out on…
      Just for today…..sobriety gets to do its magic.

      Just today,
      that’s all we have to do right now.

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