• Jocord posted an update 1 month ago

    Shouts out to a few I’m missing, @Jesss hope you’re feeling better, ask for a hook up if you feel like emailing; @mamatomany, @sober mommy1013, @daves, @ralph3479, @lucylocket. xoxo

    • Hi Jocord still wanna try to figure out that FaceTiming idea?

    • I think of you every day @jesss. Hope your days hold some sweet moments.

    • @jesss, thinking of you, be well.

    • Hello, sorry for the delay…I haven’t checked in for a while. Things have openly not been great. I had a death in the family about 10 days ago and am going through a separation….ugh, still. Anyway, I’m working to get and stay healthy and keep my mind positive. I have classic signs of depression and have started to see a psychologist again. I’m starting a business (opening franchises) so that has been a learning experience. Alcohol really does leave a trail of disaster. I hope y’all are well.

      • Hi @ralph3479, I haven’t checked in for a while myself….Sorry to hear of the death in the family. The separation doesn’t help either. My mother had passed away suddenly while I was going through the separation thing and the ex-left 4 days later. I definitely went through a stage of depression and had to have rotator cuff surgery a 2 months afterwards. A lot to take in and I definitely went through a stage of depression. It’s great you’re addressing it now. Hang tough! It WILL get better. Alcohol really does leave a trail of disaster…, you have that right. It doesn’t help to medicate yourself.

    • Hi @jocord, thank you for the ‘shout out’! 🙂 Much appreciated and timely. I’ve been having a rough time of things lately for a variety of reasons. As such I was drinking to medicate myself. This week has been much better though and I’m going on 5 days with no drinking OR smoking. I decided to stop both on the same day. I hasn’t been too difficult, the smoking being more of a challenge. You have to get past day 3-4 and recognize you’re having a confused angry moment from Nicotine withdrawal! Lol. I’m going to be back on the site more though as I’ve realized I definitely need the support right now. My goal is long-term sobriety. I know I can do it. Just need to focus on a healthier lifestyle, physically AND mentally. Thank you for the timely ‘shout’! How have you been?

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